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Nick is a weather nerd to the core. He graduated from Oregon State University n 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with an emphasis in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. In 2010, he decided that he wanted to pair his love of journalism with his passion for weather. So, he enrolled at Syracuse University to earn his Masters of Science in Broadcast & Digital Journalism.After forecasting for media outlets in Syracuse, New York and Amarillo, Texas he is now in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he works as the Chief Meteorologist for a local television station and works part time as an Adjunct Professor teaching a course in meteorology.

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  1. Deborah Lonsway
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    Thank you so much for the concern and care you give to all your viewers in the Pine Belt! We know what to expect and are given good information so we are able to make intelligent decisions for ourselves and our loved ones in weather situations.

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