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Nick is a weather nerd to the core. He graduated from Oregon State University n 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with an emphasis in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. In 2010, he decided that he wanted to pair his love of journalism with his passion for weather. So, he enrolled at Syracuse University to earn his Masters of Science in Broadcast & Digital Journalism.After forecasting for media outlets in Syracuse, New York and Amarillo, Texas he is now in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he works as the Chief Meteorologist for a local television station and works part time as an Adjunct Professor teaching a course in meteorology.

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  1. David Singleton
    David Singleton at |

    Nick, I’m grateful to have you and Patrick here. When I moved here 13 years ago, the weather forecasting capability at WDAM was less than desired…to say the least. Of course, no one in your business gets it right all the time. However, I appreciate the science and math you and Patrick apply to your work, in the effort to “get it close as possible”. I know most people just want to know “is it going to rain”, but I very much like the “teaching” you do in trying to help some of us understand a bit more of “why”. Since those who want the minimum (and possibly your producer) don’t want the “teaching” on air, I’m happy you have FB to do some teaching and explaining. I’m an old guy who learned long ago not to let those who least like one’s work (and least understand it) define how you do what you do. Please, keep explaining and trying to get it right for guys like me…probably more of us than you think…we don’t write you everyday telling you we like your work, as opposed to critics.

  2. Gwen Breakfield
    Gwen Breakfield at |

    I understand that weather forecasting is not exact. Y’all are great at keeping us informed. At my advanced age(63) I have learned that you cannot please everyone. I know that y’all are much more educated in the weather than the average person. I heard you on Wednesday at 5pm say that Houston could receive 50 + inches of rain. Apparently the forecasters in TX did not have the same information as those people keep saying “I didn’t know it was going to be this bad!” Thank you and Patrick for all you do. I would rather over prepare and not need than be caught lacking.
    We appreciate and support y’all completely.

  3. Alex Fusco Jr
    Alex Fusco Jr at |

    Very well explained. People need to realize that even with all the computers, knowledge, and other info that is gathered, nature can still be “unpredictable.” Every storm is different, some will be stronger than originally thought, some weaker, and most just as predicted. I am facinated with severe weather, and tried to major in Meteorology in college. Unfortunately, math was never a strong subject for me, and I eventually changed majors. I am grateful for you and your team and appreciate the time and effort you do to try and “get it right.” Keep up the good work!

  4. Brenda Gant/Larry Gant
    Brenda Gant/Larry Gant at |

    Nick..My Husband & I appreciate you & Patrick & everything you do..You both do a great job..If people have a problem with you, they need to realize everyone makes mistakes..We didn’t see where you made a mistake..We’re thankful we have you both & that you keep us informed..In the old days we didn’t have a weather Man to tell us these things & show things on TV, We had to go out side & look in the sky & watch the clouds & etc.. We’ve come a long way..Thanks again & keep on keeping on.. Brenda & Larry Gant

  5. Karan
    Karan at |

    Nick, the one thing that I know from living in Hattiesburg for almost 60 years is that NO ONE can predict what a hurricane will do. Weather is a force of nature and it can be fickle. I listen to your tropical forecasts as well as other coastal stations, and actually NHC has a “discussion” that anyone can go read for themselves. I always anticipate and prepare for the worst scenario. Actually, that way I am always happy when it doesn’t turn out bad but thankful that I am prepared if it does. I was here through Camille and Katrina and both were unpredictable close to landfall. People that only listen to one forecast are hurting themselves. It wouldn’t matter if you said it 10 times, I would also do my own research on a hurricane. These weather systems are not to be taken lightly at any time. If it makes you feel better, I told my sister that Harvey was going into the Gulf and we needed to watch it and she said “Nahhh its going to Mexico”. Hurricanes should be monitored on a daily basis and if approaching shore, a person should monitor the storm and look at the NHC updates as they are released for themselves. NHC has a forecast discussion that anyone can go read and understand. Bottom line is that you are there to inform but it is our own responsibility to listen and take any necessary precautions. Thank you and Patrick for striving to give us as complete and accurate info as you can.

  6. Sheila
    Sheila at |

    Love you nick! You do a fantastic job! Sorry you are having to put up with all the negative! You are passionate about your job and i see that. Keep doing what you do. After all we cant ask a storm what they are thinking! But sometimes we do get it right on the money. Just be orepared is the main thing! Thanks for a job well done!

  7. Shelly Ghafourian
    Shelly Ghafourian at |

    I have lived all over the United States, including in Florida during the year of Charley and the other hurricanes. You and Patrick do an outstanding job with the information you have. There are always going to be negative nellies who think predicting weather is easy, and forget about the curve balls Mother Nature likes to throw, but don’t let them get you down! You make weather interesting and fun to learn and understand!! Thank you, and my husband and I enjoy following your Facebook posts and weather forecasts!!! Keep up the good fight!

  8. Carla
    Carla at |

    Nick, the genuine passion that you have for helping others is clearly seen! Continue doing your best and learning along the way. Thank you for what you do everyday to help us be prepared (as possible!), for the weather.

  9. Alaina T.
    Alaina T. at |

    I’m sure what you do daily is not an easy task. I appreciate all you and Patrick do for our community. Thank you for informing us and trying to keep us safe and aware. We all make mistakes. No one is immune from that. Keep up the good work.

  10. Mitch Barnett
    Mitch Barnett at |

    Nick, my wife and I watch you every night and we enjoy you and the forecast. Everyone at WDAM is very professional and concerned about the pine belt. I advertise on WDAM and deal with great people that work there. Keep up the good work Nick, the pine belt is lucky to have you.

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